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Colour Correction

Correcting or neutralizing unwanted undertones or pigments

Colour correction in permanent makeup (PMU) brows involves correcting or neutralizing unwanted undertones or pigments to achieve the desired color result.

Here’s a brief explanation of color correction in PMU brows:

1. Neutralizing Undertones

If the PMU brows have unwanted undertones, such as red, orange, or grey hues, color correction techniques can be used to neutralize these tones. For example, to counteract redness, a green-based corrector can be applied to balance and neutralize the color.

2. Balancing Color Intensity

Sometimes, PMU brows may appear too light, dark, or have uneven color intensity. Color correction involves adjusting the pigment saturation by adding or removing color to achieve a more balanced and even color result.

3. Correcting Fading or Discoloration

PMU brows may fade or discolor over time due to factors like sun exposure, skin regeneration, or improper aftercare. Color correction techniques can involve replenishing or adjusting the pigment to restore the brows to their desired color.

4. Matching Color to Skin Tone

Choosing the right pigment color that matches the client’s skin tone and natural brow hair is essential in PMU brows. Color correction may involve adjusting the pigment hue, saturation, or undertones to create a harmonious and flattering result that complements the client’s features.

5. Customizing Color for Each Client

Every client’s skin tone and color preferences are unique, so color correction in PMU brows should be customized according to individual needs and desired outcomes. By analyzing the client’s skin tone, natural brow color, and personal preferences, the technician can tailor the color correction process to achieve the best results.

Color correction in PMU brows requires skill, experience, and an understanding of color theory to effectively address any color issues and create beautiful, natural-looking brows that enhance the client’s overall appearance. Communication is key to ensure satisfaction with the color correction process and final results.

Before & After

colour correction before


colour correction after